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Stark Federal Credit Unionís
New Personalized Lending Program*

Stark Federal Credit Union began its Personalized Lending Program to help as many members as possible obtain loans.  The way our program works is that the rate a member pays on a loan will be determined by his/her credit history and length of the loan. Members with excellent credit histories will receive our very best rates, which are even lower than our old rates.

We realize some of our members have experienced difficulty in the past with their credit, and as a result, we or other lenders have denied their loan request. This has forced these members to pay extraordinarily high rates elsewhere. Other members, who may have had past credit problems, will be assigned rates consistent with their credit history. We will also offer counseling to help these members improve their credit report. It is our goal that these rates will almost always be lower than other lenders.

We encourage all of our members to call our lending offices at 330-493-7602 regarding our Personalized Lending Program. Our goal is to help you obtain credit and save money. If you are not sure what rate you may be paying another lender, call them first and then call us. We want to help!

The estimated monthly payment can be calculated by using our calculator and entering the amount you wish to borrow, the loan term you request and the appropriate interest rate for the loan purpose that you wish to borrow.


Click here to apply for a loan online
or call the Anyhour Loan-by-Phone at

Important Note!
When comparing rates to other financial
institutions, remember that Stark FCU has...

No application fee
No processing fee and
No prepayment penalties.


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