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Cash & Check (Debit Card)

The SFCU Cash & Check Card (also called a "debit card") is a replacement for the current ATM card - one that will give you all the advantages of the current card, plus an important new one:

It’s an ATM card you can also use as a Debit card, to pay for purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

The Cash & Check Card has the MasterCard logo on it. That makes it even better than your old ATM card - You can use it to pay for purchases at over 15 million places worldwide that accept MasterCard. The amount of each purchase will be deducted directly from your share draft account, so there are no interest charges when you use it.

Even better than checks - your new card is faster and easier to use, because it lets your access your share draft account without taking the time to write a check or hassle with identification. Plus, it eliminates the inconvenience of carrying a checkbook or running out of checks.

Even better than cash - Using your card is safer than carrying lots of cash. And it makes keeping track of your money easier, too, because every purchase you make is listed on your monthly checking account statement. You can also feel confident knowing your new card will continue to work at the same ATM’s as always, using the same PIN as always.

MasterCard SecureCode Now Available 
Your Stark FCU Cash & Check card is eligible for MasterCard SecureCodeTM - a free, online security service to help guard against unauthorized use of your MasterCard online.  The next time you shop online at a participating merchant, a window will appear asking you to confirm your identity and create a personal SecureCodeTM.  Once enrolled, enjoy added peace of mind when you shop online.

To report a lost or stolen ATM or Cash & Check card (debit card), call


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